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I grew up on a farm in Listowel Ontario. For 10 years my parents taught me work ethic, family values, and how to work the fields with a tractor at age 10. What they didn’t teach me was how to crash it. I learned that on my own. I joined the Army at age 17 and went on to help people around the world including Bosnia, Croatia, Rwanda, and Afghanistan. I was an Operating Room Technician which involved assisting in surgeries and treating the sick and injured. Its a rewarding experience.

I intend to carry my values, work ethic and nursing skills to Real Estate. I think People Skills are important in this industry... Being personable, intuitive and a good listener.

I’m not about getting your business, then forgetting about you.
I’m not about sales gimmicks.
I’m not about making false promises.
I’m “Not Your Average Joe”.

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